The perks and rewards of Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs, also known as frequent flyer programs are now a distinct feature of the travel industry. They have become the heart and soul of frequent flyers and even those who travel occasionally. For many decades, the relationship between an airline and a flyer was not balanced at all. With the introduction of loyalty programs, the customer finally has a chance to gain some leverage. Frequently flyer programs work greatly in the flyer’s favor, provided you play your cards right and join a good program. Just last month, I was able to buy delta miles and redeemed them against my flight to JFK airport. For those who are unfamiliar with frequent flyer programs, listed below are the various perks and rewards of being part of such a program.

  1. Discounted Flights and Deals

If you are an elite member or old part of a good loyalty program, you are likely to have access to special one off deals on airline tickets. Other than deals, you are entitled to redeem your earned or bought airline miles against flights. Airline miles, also known as travel points are the core of a frequent flyer program. They are normally earned on flights depending either on cost or distance flown. Once you have gathered a considerable amount, you can redeem them against a later flight for a discount. Flights are generally a major expense for businessmen and travelers, so getting a discounted ticket is quite an achievement. This achievement is made possible if you make a genuine effort to earn airlines miles through different ways. However, you may even buy miles online if you are not a frequent flyer.

  1. Upgrade to Business or first class

Business class and first class flying is quite expensive, yet a dream many flyers hope to fulfill. A loyalty program brings you a step closer to making the dream come true. Members of a loyalty program can use their airline miles to upgrade to an upper class. This is normally a more viable and comparatively economical option as opposed to direct purchase.

  1. Redemption against Hotel Bill

After airline tickets, Hotels are the next major expense for any traveler. Therefore an option to gain discount against a hotel room’s price is very much welcomed. All major loyalty programs are in partnership with big hotel chains and many small scale hotels too. A partnership means that members can redeem their travel points against the hotel bill in exchange for a discount.

  1. Online Shopping

Brands like Best Buy and many more online shopping forums are often in partnership with airlines. This means you can shop using your airline miles and get major discounts against your shopping bill.

  1. Redemption against a restaurant bill

As a latest trend, now airlines have partnered with restaurants as well. Eating out at partner restaurant entitles members to massive discounts and sometimes free meals too.

  1. Airport Lounge access

Being part of an airline’s loyalty program gives you access to special airport lounges. And in some cases an access to business class lounge even if you are flying economy class.


How to Travel in business class on a small budget

Traveling is fun and exciting, but it is not easy to keep up with this hobby. Many people would tell you that travel requires an arm and a leg but that should not put you off. Traveling has evolved greatly over the years. Times have changed. So have the ways. This is why now you can manage travel even if you have a small budget. Budget travelers often complain about having to compromise due to their limited source of funds. Which budget traveler wouldn’t want to fly in business class or stay in a fancy hotel? In this article, we tell you how you can purchase cheap business class tickets and travel in style on a small budget.

  1. Off Season Flying

This is the most obvious and most genuine tip to flying on a business class flight without going bankrupt. Off season flying does not only bring down the fares significantly but also impacts other costs related to travel. You are more likely to find a cheap deal during the low season. Plus the money you save on other travel related expenses can be put towards purchasing a business class flight. And if you are thinking, is it worth it? Our answer is yes!

  1. Join a loyalty program

Loyalty programs, also known as frequent flyer programs are a traveler’s biggest asset. The airline miles you earn or buy are your key to earning significant discounts on a business class flight. You may even accumulate miles over time to later redeem them for an upgrade to business class. Economy to business class upgrades are known to be cheaper than direct purchases. Loyalty programs vary from airline to airline. Make sure you join a good one after a thorough research.

  1. Try your last minute luck

Last minute business class ticket purchasing often works out in the travelers favor as the airline would rather have their business class seat sold as opposed to an economy class one. They slash the fares considerably as time nears the flight. In fact, another trick is to just buy an economy class flight and then ask at the counter how much an upgrade would cost. Normally, airlines are willing to provide cheap upgrades and you may just get lucky.

  1. Be on the lookout for deals

Make sure you are on the mailing list of all airlines and travel companies (including those operating online). This way you will get an alert whenever there is a new deal worth considering. Normally these deals don’t last for long, so acting fast is important.

  1. Go for a lesser known airline

A less popular airline is likely to offer lower priced business class flights as opposed to big names like Emirates or Singapore airlines. Lesser known airlines with a small clientele are looking to expand their customer base, so they are willing to offer cheap prices. Generally Business class is grand and fancy no matter which airline it is. Enjoy the privilege in whatever form you can manage.


A Traveler’s Guide: Things to do in Australia

From gorgeous beaches, unique wildlife, fun restaurants to modern art and architecture, Australia has it all. It is a country bound to be on the bucket list of most travelers. With cities like Melbourne and Sydney ranked as the best cities to live in, no doubt can be casted on the country’s effort to be inclusive, crime free, developed and modern. Flying to Australia can be tricky because of expensive fares. The best choice is Qantas. Two most common tips to save money is to either fly off-season or buy Qantas Miles. Qantas miles are redeemable against flights to bring down the fare. Australia is a comparatively expensive tourist destination, but worth every penny spent. Listed below are the things you can do when there.

The Great Barrier Reef

Surrounded by the Pacific and the Indian Ocean, a visit to Australia means witnessing beautiful coral reefs. The Great Barrier Reef in Northeastern Australia is the largest one, even visible from outer space. And not to mention, the reef houses more than 600 kinds of corals. It is also home to sharks, turtles, unique starfishes, dolphins and colorful fishes. Not surprisingly, the Great Barrier Reef is a UNESCO site. Brimming with diverse marine life, the area is one of the most beautiful sights in the whole world.

Great Ocean Road

Taking a drive on the Great Ocean road is highly recommended as the route offers scenic views and great stops along the way. Guaranteed to be one of the most memorable drives of your life.

Bondi Beach

Australia is all about breathtaking, sandy beaches. The Bondi beach stands out as it is not only beautiful but fun too. Cute cafes are located nearby and you get to enjoy fun water activities, surfing being the most popular one.

Sydney Harbor Bridge

You could call it the Golden Gate Bridge of Australia. It is every bit as iconic and magnificent. You can walk or cycle through it, enjoying amazing views of the harbor along the way.

Sydney Opera House

One of the most popular and amazing modern architectural sites in the world, the Sydney Opera house hosts fun events throughout the year. If your dates don’t coincide with an event, you can always take a guided tour of this fascinating building.

Fraser Island

This gorgeous, sandy island is the perfect place to relax and bond with nature. You not only get to enjoy the beaches but also stunning freshwater lakes within the Island’s vicinity.

Hunter Region

This valley in the New South Wales offers a break from the ocean in the form of wineries. You get to enjoy vineyard tours and wine tastings. This area is quite historic and cultural, with its roots dating back to the 1800s.

Blue Mountains National Park

The Blue Mountains National Park lies to the west of Sydney. The walking trails take you through nature and unique wonders including a sacred aboriginal site, the beautiful Jamison Valley and a Bushland hosting a variety of bird species.

Skyrail Rainforest Cableway

This scenic cable ride in a gondola shaped object gives a thorough tour of the wonderful Barron Gorge National Park. The ride covers a distance of 7.5 km, offering stunning views and amazing sights of the oldest rainforest on Earth.

Kangaroo Island

It would be a shame if you visit Australia and not get to see its diverse wildlife. On the Kangaroo Island, you will find Kangaroos, Sea Lions, birds, penguins and koalas.

The above mentioned places are just the tip of an iceberg. The added charm are Australia’s lovely and unique eateries as well as the delicious street food. But more about that in another article. What are you waiting for? Start planning a holiday today to the land of Kangaroos and captivating beaches!


Winter wedding Limo Services

Wedding is the most memorable event of life and it has lots of emotions involved to it. You want to have a perfect wedding which no one had before. The wedding arrangements are so much diverse and auto expanding that people have to hire wedding planners. The wedding planner takes care of decoration, food, guests, seating arrangements and all the other necessary details of a wedding function. Winter weddings are difficult to plan and execute due to many reasons such as difficult and unpredictable weather and unreliable vendors.

The best season for weddings are usually spring season but people get married throughout the year. There are lots of valid reasons why people want to get married in warmer months. They don’t have to worry about uncertain weather or snow storms or any other unexpected weather. The worst thing other than rain on your wedding day is snow and it can create lots of difficulties for you and the guests.

Travelling during such weather is a challenge not only for you but for your guests as well. People tend to attend weddings in a better weather and comfortable circumstances. On the other hand the availability of vendors is also the greatest challenge for hosts. Commute is really difficult during winter because of snow and slippery roads. Make sure that the vendors you hire are expert in working during cold weather.

The most significant part which some people forget is transportation. It must be comfortable, economical and should fulfill the complete requirements of clients. Usually the hosts have to worry about hundreds of things and they forget about commute. Transportation services for bride, groom their families and friends and also for the guests should be not only comfortable but also economical.

Our staff and drivers are not only skilled but are also well trained for every situation. They have all the required knowledge of roads, routes and important places. You don’t have to hire a guide for any of your trip as the driver himself is the best guide for you. They are well trained and have experience of driving during coldest weather. During snow storms and slippery roads the drivers are skilled to get through all this to your desired destination safe and sound.

Our fleet of cars is properly checked and well maintained on regular basis. We have hired a team of experts which make sure that customers have best experience during the rides. We have the latest models for every car you require for your journey. You can choose from a list of vehicles and book a car of your personal choice and fondness and according to weather.

 Toronto Limousine Rentals offer the most comfortable rides in town. You will feel like sitting in your own room. Limo’s interior and extended space is the best feature which makes it different from other cars. You can have your preparation and even take a nap during your commute. The most luxurious and bump free rides are the best thing you want on your wedding day.