How to Have a Productive Business Trip

Are you planning a business trip to the Dallas area? The city is becoming one of the best places to get some work done and to relax. Dallas has everything you need for the perfect business trip. Whether you’re visiting for an upcoming business meeting or corporate event, Dallas has what it takes to make it a successful business trip.

If you’re a business traveler, you probably rely on technology since it’s important for corporate events and meetings. With today’s technology, there is no shortage of devices to help make any business trip a success.


Most business travelers prefer to wear a smartwatch that acts like a watch and smartphone that has features such as calendar integration, messaging, social media notifications, text message notifications, and more.

If you’re someone who likes to stay healthy and active while traveling, some smartwatches have a daily walking tracker, heart rate monitoring, and sleep tracker. There are plenty of smartwatches on the market if you don’t use an Apple iPhone. There are several brands to choose from such as Fitbit, Garmin, and Samsung.

Battery Charger

It’s important to keep a battery charger on you while traveling for business. Battery life is important for business travelers, especially if you’re someone who likes to spend most of your time on your phone.

There are a wide variety of brands that offer portable chargers and charging cases, especially some that look like a smartphone and fits in your pocket. Some battery chargers provide more features than just 100% battery usage.

It’s important to purchase an external battery charger that can be used with other devices such as your laptop and tablet. You don’t want your laptop to die in the middle of a long flight and possibly lose any of your work. Some battery chargers are portable enough to carry with you everywhere you go. There are some that can charge multiple devices at once.

Mobile Scanner

Believe it or not, but mobile scanners are more portable than you may think. Some of them are only a few inches long and allow you to scan documents and photos while on the go. They can scan everything from business cards to state identification cards.

Once scanned, you can transfer them to the cloud while an additional copy is saved to your computer. You also have the option to save them to an expense management system if your business has one and requires you to keep track of your expenses while traveling for business.

Smart Luggage

There will be times when business travelers will find themselves stuck at an airport and in need of an available charging station. Most airports these days come with charging stations but they are often small and there is rarely a free spot to charge.

There are some brands have their own line of smart luggage that includes up-to-date features such as USB charging ports. Other notable features include a built-in lock, scale, and tracking device, so you don’t have to worry about losing your luggage.

Mobile Hotspot

When it comes to finding a reliable internet connection, it’s not always easy. A mobile hotspot reduces this problem by using your phone’s data service to provide you with free internet access.

Your cell phone provider may provide a mobile hotspot for an additional cost or if you have unlimited data then you can access your mobile hotspot at any time. There are plenty of pay-as-you-go plans on the market, some of which include international and national rental programs with a flat rate.

Extended Stay Hotel

When traveling to Dallas/Frisco for business, then finding the right hotel is important. Business travelers should look into staying at an extended stay hotel. The Hyatt House Dallas/Frisco is the perfect hotel to meet all of your travel needs. It’s a popular choice for business travelers due to its roomy and spacious accommodations.

Each room comes with a fully-equipped kitchen, a Hyatt Grand Beds, and a flat-screen TV. The hotel also comes with amenities such as free breakfast, a 24-hour workout room, an indoor pool and free internet. One of the best features of the hotel is their 24/7 business center.

Take advantage of computer work stations USB ports and free remote printing before you head to your meeting. Business travelers also have the option to take advantage of the hotels 750 square foot meeting space where you can hold meetings, training sessions and more. The Hyatt House Dallas/Frisco is the right hotel choice for business travelers.


Tips for Exciting Universal Studios Trip

For Warner Bros movie lovers, visiting Universal Studios Trip is a must. Universal Studios is among the most popular theme parks, boasts Hollywood movie-related attractions and rides. They even hold immersive shows and performances. Its popularity rivals Disneyland’s, clearly both of them are competing to be the best. You’ll stumble inside the realm of Harry Potter, The Walking Dead, Despicable Me, and more! Whether you’re visiting Universal Studios in Orlando or California, below are useful tips for you.

Come Early

If you want to enjoy Universal Studios to the fullest, come early. There will be fewer crowds clogging the park. You can easily ride on any popular Universal Studios rides without dealing with long lines. It is particularly important to come early if you can’t come to the park during weekdays. Ideally, come one or two hours before the park’s opening hour.

Buy Tickets Online

Purchasing your ticket online before your departure will save a lot of your time and money. Rather than lining up at the ticket booth, you can glide your way inside Universal Studios. There are many interesting ticket packages to purchase online. One of them is Universal Express pass. It’s the “magical” ticket that allows you to skip lines to each ride, show and attraction.

Hit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter First Time in The Morning

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is the most popular area inside Universal Studios. It’s located on the Upper Lot, and it can get crowded really quick. Better wrap up two of its most popular attractions the first time you get there. After that you can explore the Lower Lot and return to the area and visit Hogsmeade for lunch.

Finish All Attractions in Lower Lot in One Go

Go to Lower Lot to discover more immersive rides. Despicable Me: Minions Mayhem, Transformers 3-D, and Fast and Furious: Supercharged are all located in this area. It gets packed really quickly in the afternoon. So better finish all rides in one go before you return to the Upper Lot at noon.

Join Universal Studios Studio Tour

Universal Studios Studio Tour is one attraction you can’t miss. Take a 2 hours-long tram tour and venture inside numerous impressive film-making sets inside the park. If you’re lucky, you might even catch some Hollywood movies in the making.

Drink Butterbeer in Hosgmeade

This is one thing you can’t miss when visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Many people said that the butterbeer taste like a mix of shortbread and butterscotch. No actual alcohol substances, so your kids can also enjoy this magical drink.

Shop At Universal CityWalk

Love shopping? Indulge yourself in Universal CityWalk. The themed mall have so many to offer. From quirky bookshop to thematic dining venues. You can also watch movies at the Universal Cinema.

To prepare your trip, visit to find the best deals for Universal Studios tickets and tours. You’ll find interesting offers for the best cheap tours and attraction tickets there!