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The best rafting spots in India

We list the country’s best rafting spots for your next adventure holiday.

The idea of white water rafting brings to mind the image of Meryl Streep in The River Wild as a rafting professional steering her endangered family through a series of extremely dangerous rapids that only she and a few others are able to navigate.

While slightly less romanticised, the sections of white water that are part of our nation’s many rivers are quite daunting and can be equally challenging, while being thrilling and safely navigable at the same time. Certain spots near Kolad resorts in Maharashtra, rafting camps at Rishikesh, other venues in Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh, are among the most well-known places for white water rafting in India. Here’s a list of the best rafting spots across the country, in no particular order:

  1. Kolad resorts, Maharashtra: The Kundalika river has its flow regulated by the Mulshi Dam and the electricity stations that follow, thus feeding into a 14-kilometer stretch of white water that is so dynamic in terms of the level of intensity, that it keeps you on your toes through the entire stretch. With Kolad resorts being relatively close to both Mumbai and Pune, this proves to be easy access for city dwellers and other coming from the rest of Maharashtra.
  2. Rishikesh, Uttarakhand: Featuring a 16-kilometre stretch of rapids ranging from Grade 1 to Grade 4, an entire rafting trip of 32 kilometres or more can be added by camping on river beaches overnight while making your way downstream. With rapids named Three Blind Mice, Return to Sender, and the multi rapid stretch Golf Course, this is considered to be one of the world’s best rafting locations.
  3. Sikkim and Darjeeling: The Teesta river flows through both and also has rapids from Grade 1 to 4. While reasonably lesser known than the others, this location promises a pure adrenaline pumping experience. Additionally, a tributary of the river, the Ranjit, is quite turbulent and undulating, and offers up more of a challenge for the more seasoned rafters, or for those simply seeking a bit more of a rush.
  4. Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir: The Indus river flows from one region to the other, with rapids from 1 to 3 in certain areas, and some even graded between 3 to 5 in others. A rather varying set of experiences is only added to by throwing in some camping to round out the experience.
  5. Kullu-Manali: This day long, 14-kilometer stretch of rapids is made for an absolutely non-stop, no letting up, hold on by the seat of your pants, fun ride. With rapids graded from 1 to 4, the stunning imagery only adds to the experience and barring 2 months of the year (Mid July to mid-September), rafting here is possible all year round.
  6. Arunachal Pradesh: The wild and ferocious Brahmaputra river is not for the faint-hearted. Flowing in from Tibet, all rapids are rated between 4 and 6, and there is no scope for error or compromise. A week-long rafting trip takes you from the beginning to the end of the rapids. The surrounding beauty comprising gorges, forests, and greenery adds to the unique experience.

Pick Best Fishing Charters to Enjoy Your Vacation

You do not have any idea about holiday’s trip, these times spend the holidays in FWF charter, and they have different time of fishing charters services. You can choose the trip within this particular time such as full day, half day and three quarter and boating can take up to six passengers on your trips. without experienced, guides leading the way is difficult and you can focus your enjoyment have a little bit of stress so we are hiring charter have experience and deliver the right things to you, not only for that they have knowledge and equipment to handle the fishing on the deep sea.

Before starting your trips, you must know about what kinds of service are providing and charters have a fishing license and read the review of the customer, check the availability date of the trip and book your holiday’s trip to spend good time with family and friends. The cancellation policy also available when the full fishing sport is a reserve on your date, full money can refund within 2days.

The fishing charter also provides various things tackle, sodas, ice, bait, fishing rods and you needed things you can carry for enjoy your fishing trip.

Different types of fishing charters

Before your booking the trip you must know different types of fishing charter then choose your suitable charter and book your trip. The fishing trip is the best way to enjoy the holidays more memorable. You decided to go fishing trip choose the best charter then go without any fear, the guide will help you through your one day trip.

The following different types of fishing charters:

  • ü offshore charter
  • ü wreck charter
  • ü reef charter
  • ü tarpon charter
  • ü shark charter
  • ü backcountry charter

Benefits of a fishing charter

The FKF Charters  teach you to hand the equipment and have more health benefits to you, this great way to improve mental and physical welfare.

Full body strength during fishing but battle even a small fish calls engages the back, arms, core, legs, and shoulder and women train their body to strength when the time comes for the big catch fish.

Family bonding spending time with your family or friends promotes a sensation of security and making the fishing a valuable activity.

Promotes relaxation, spending long hours in beautiful nature with a paying attention task is to go under to meditation, the activity connected with the blood pressure and decreased anxiety.

Patience is an important thing during fishing puts your patience to perform and improve your health.

Improve the body balance requires core strength and flexibility of the body which help you from back pain enjoy your vacation days with nature that help you keep your health good.


Smart Preparation for Travel Works

Traveling to work is common in the lives of many professionals and knowing what to put inside the bag will save you time and avoid those last minute forgetting. Wirth jobs sri lanka you may have to. So here are some tips:

  1. How many days?

The first thing you should do is to find out exactly how many days you will pass out, so you can assemble the combinations of clothes and accessories so you do not have to repeat the same clothes.

  1. Which suitcase to use?

When choosing your luggage, evaluate if you want and have time to check your luggage. Packing your bags is more convenient because you do not have to carry them around the airport and you do not have to compete in the luggage compartment of the plane. But you need to wait for the luggage in the wake of refund (depending on the case, it may take 5 to 30 minutes).

If you are usually in a hurry, consider seriously buying a smaller suitcase and carry only your carry-on luggage.

Hand luggage must not exceed 115 cm, the sum of its dimensions (length, width and height) or weighing more than 5 kg. As you buy the cheap flight tickets international take look at the luggage rules.

What clothes to take?

Separate a shirt for each day you pass out, all with colors on the same palette to make it easier to match all the pieces together.

  • Do not put your clothes more formal at the end of the suitcase to not knead with the weight of the other clothes.
  • One underwear for each day plus one or two extras.
  • A shoe and a sneaker. The shoes can be used as a space to put the socks or some object of the same size, to preserve the shape of the shoe and to save space.
  • A set of shirt + shorts / shorts, or pajamas, to be more comfortable in the hotel.

The necessaries?

Last-minute meetings or an off-budget dinner are common, so it’s important to have a kit of essential and varied items always at hand. So, always keep a necessaries with your toiletries, cables and chargers for your electronic devices and documents always around. Always travel with plug adapters!

Do not forget the material of work: folders, documents, pens, calendars and, mainly, your business cards.

Extras Tips

If you are carrying a nail clipper, sandpaper or scissors, you will be required to dispatch them in your luggage or throw them away because these items are prohibited from boarding carry-on luggage. If you do not have specific bags to organize your luggage, use bags to store dirty and / or wet clothes.

On international travel, it is prohibited to carry liquids in hand luggage. Therefore, if you are taking perfumes, creams and / or any other liquids, always place in the checked baggage.


Mykonos villas to make your dreams come true

Mykonos is a gorgeous island in the Cyclades island group of Greece with a reputation for fame and glamour with partygoers. With an abundance of holiday accommodation in Mykonos to pick from, it may be tempting to choose the simple choice of staying in one of the island’s resorts – but this could mean missing out on the complete variety of what the island offers. If you opt to purchase or rent a villa in Mykonos, you can discover the hidden jewels of the island. Here are four reasons to pick a villa for your visit.

Discover New Locations

Most hotel accommodation in Mykonos is focused in Mykonos Town (also called Chora) and round the party shores’ of the west and west coast. Although this area has the buzzing atmosphere you’d expect, there are parts of the island which provide a different vacation experience, and choosing to rent a villa in Mykonos will enable you to discover these locations. Kalafatis Beach on the island’s east coast is a terrific alternative, using Windsurf Centre and a Dive Centre for action. History fans would enjoy a stay in Ano Mera, the village of the island constructed a 16th-century monastery, around Panayia Tourliani.

Experience local cuisine

It can be tempting to eat at the hotel restaurant when you’re staying in a hotel – this may feel like you’re only choice if you’ve gone complete. However, you can give yourself permission to become adventurous and explore the cuisine that is terrific that see all Mykonos villas here offers. You can enjoy the cozy atmosphere as well as the aromas of this charcoal grill at Kiki’s Tavern on Agios Sostis Beach, soak up the authentic taverna adventure at Tasos on Paraga Beach, sample the fish at Hippie Fish on Agios Ioannis Beach or have a coffee with some moustokoloura in Ntekoto at Ano Mera. Or you could purchase food and create your dishes – kopanisti, a soft cheese that is pepper-flavoured, is a delicacy while staying in Mykonos, you need to enjoy.

Get Better Value

Hotel packages might be tempting as a means to enjoy a luxury vacation, but you can save money while indulging in all of the island offers, if you rent a villa in Mykonos. The savings are significant if you’re currently travelling as a party. To get a mid-June trip, booking two hotel rooms will set you back in the area of between #200 and #300 each night, maybe. If you lease a villa, you might wind up getting possibly a third, or a cost of that, with excellent choices.

Find a holiday ‘home from home’

You might need to get a villa in Mykonos In case you’ve fallen for the charms of the bustling and beautiful island. By purchasing a villa, you can have holiday accommodation tailored to tastes and your needs you want it and make money when you do not want it. The property market on Mykonos is secure while Greek islands might have properties available. Investing in real estate in Mykonos while the industry is beginning to recover could prove a smart investment in years to come.


Don’t miss to see the view of Lake Como on boat

Traveling is the best way of releasing stress these days. People are living so stressful lives these days that they can not find time for themselves but it is really important to take out time for your self. It will help you do your routine professional work more efficiently. People who are working day and night must take a break for themselves and visit different peaceful and beautiful places around the world.This will help them to live a balance happy life. People how are taking off from their professional life and go for vacations on an annual basis perform better than others.

If we are talking about a place which has a balance of natural beauty and peice then Lake Como is the best place for you. It is the best place in Italy for tourism which has all the abilities to attract tourist throughout the world. The Lake Como has the best locations which present natural beauty 10 times more beautiful than any other place. The lake had a Y shaped area and its boundaries are covered with flowers of different colors.

The lake has a boating facility through which you can enjoy the real beauty of this lake. The boating facility is getting more important in peak days. because the road which connects this lake Como with other cities are narrow in width. So it is very hectic to drive there on busy days. When most of the tourist visit Lake Como. On the other hand the beauty of this lake can only be enjoyed able in the boat because you can get a clear view of beautiful sceneries. So the basic purpose of having this boat facility there is to provide the facility to upcoming tourist that they will not get stuck in traffic.

Then like every tourist destination hotels are very expensive here. But if you rent out a villa it will benefit you most. These villas are present at great locations and provide a beautiful view of the lake. These villas have great open space where you can relax in the evening.  For more details, you can visit it will provide you all information related to these villas. Basically, these villas are best to stay in Lake Como if you want to enjoy your stay there. Because it will provide you the best facilities at low rates.

Having great accommodation on holidays is the best blessing because it will provide you easy access to different facilities over there. If you have an accommodation which is far away from those places which you want to visit during your stay then it will be of no use. Because the amount of money you will save while accruing accommodation it will be spent on your transportation expense.

So it is necessary to have accommodation around the area which you have to visit frequently during your stay. Lake Como has a lot of places to visit like it had great churches and old castles which have a great history. So you must visit these places during your stay at Lake Como.

Limo Rentals

When in Denver Limo is the Car you should choose to Move around the City

Back in time, when we used to play need for speed, limousine used to be my favorite car. I always used to fancy having a nice limousine when I grow up. Alas, owing to financial constraints I could not get one. When I came to Denver my dream was partially fulfilled when I got to know about Denver Limo rental service. It is the best limo service Denver city area. They offer the best service along with a very costumer friendly attitude which binds their costumers to company.

Why Denver Limo is the best Option for Airport Transportation?

In Denver limo is the most favorite and popular cars. Most of the people specially the business class of the city and those who come in the city for business engagements can easily dial up to limousine in Denver CO to book them a comfortable limousine for as much time as they want. The prices of the rental cars are very feasible and affordable for the people.

Why Denver CO rental?

We have the best range of limousine in Denver CO. our cars are fully luxurious and aptly priced to suit your pocket. We have not made the per hour price of the cars too exorbitant. Instead we have kept them in ranges in which people of a range of classes can avail the luxury and comforts of or service. Denver Co. is one of the most costumer friendly rental car services in the town. In Denver limo is a car that can help you keep up your style and also fill in your automobile requirements. The limousine in Denver CO
is a range of luxury and comfortable cars just a click away.

Denver Limo Encompasses All your Needs:

If you are looking for a limo service in Denver city for a wedding, transportation, a meeting or a pickup, you can blindly trust the Denver CO. we have special packages for your special days. Also, the range of cars we have is incomparable. None of the competitors in the market has such a wide range of cars like Denver limo has to offer. If you are looking for some really fine and cooperative limo services in Denver city you just need to login to or website, select a car of your choice and book one for any purpose.

What Limo Denver rental has to offer its Customers?

We are a company offering a wide range of comfortable yet perfectly suitable cars for your needs. Our limousines in Denver CO. are very comfortable and of different variety so as to suit the kind of work they might be assigned to. Plus, our drivers are extremely cooperative with the costumers and least interfering which makes the journey very private for the riders. Our drivers are diligent and have been taught specially to take care of the privacy of the people. The Limo Denver rental is one of the most on time and costumers friendly service just a click away. What are you waiting for? Come-on, book you a nice fancy ride and roam about.


Rock climbing for kids – offer your kids unforgettable experience

As every kid, we are sure that your kid is hyper most of the time as well. And that is why we included another unforgettable adventure to our selection of activities, which is a kids-only adventure. Check We are sure that your kid will love it. And you will get a few hours just for yourself, while your precious children will have the time of their life in safe hands of our experienced and friendly guides.

Rock climbing for kids is intended for children of all ages, no previous experience and no extra equipment is needed. You only bring your kid to our main office at Ljubljanska cesta 1, Bled, who should be dressed in comfortable clothing and bring a bottle of water with him/her to stay hydrated. Our friendly guides will take care of everything else.

Where does rock climbing for kids take place?

Rock climbing for kids takes place only a few minutes’ drive away from Bled, so kids will really get to enjoy whole two hours of climbing and get tired due to climbing and not due to sitting in a minivan. Climbing takes place in natural surroundings, on a natural climbing wall.

What will my child learn at rock climbing for kids?

Our rock climbing for kids adventure is not only fun, but children will learn loads of new things, which will come in handy next time you take your children climbing back home. Our guides will teach the children about safety while climbing, on how to belay, how to move properly on a wall, and more. Therefore, rock climbing for kids really is a learning experience that will teach your children about the basics of climbing, and, let us not forget, on how to enjoy this beautiful sport to the max.


10 Reasons to Hire A Luxury Bespoke Travel Agent

Online tourism platforms are everywhere…

There are many ways to plan your own trip today –flight booking websites, digital suites, online transport booking, as well as innumerable travel and food blogs for different destinations. But it’s also a task to build an itinerary that suits your every need. It can be even more complicated to find the right travel agent with so many clearly intent on making their margins. However, the case is different with a luxury bespoke travel agent as they do something entirely different.

From bespoke itineraries to exploring the place like a local, the experience of a luxury travel specialist with specialization in designing tailor-made luxury holidays and private tours in the world’s most exciting destinations, will take your trip to another level. So, those who are looking for bespoke luxury travel experiences to cherish ‘something different’ on their travels, there are luxury travel specialists who will work with you from the very beginning to make sure that your vacation is everything you always wanted it to be and more!

A luxury travel agent can:

  1. Save your time and effort by compiling together an itinerary that features the best time to visit, top hotels or restaurants, and most importantly, best places to explore within a defined time period
  2. Provide better access to exclusive venues, museums, and locations
  3. Share destination insights, from local practices to top recommendations from their deep knowledge and experience
  4. Include every leg of your journey in tailor-made packages, whether its flights, trains or private transfers, without adding any extra cost to you
  5. Have their fingers on the pulse when it comes to hottest openings, new places to visit and great signature experiences
  6. Curate itineraries, hotels, and food choices based upon the occasion, season and above all,your specific needs
  7. Enhance your travel experience with added perks like discounts, vouchers or a special reward during the trip
  8. Provide immediate support in case things go wrong, from finding lost luggage to narrowing down the language gap and getting your vacation back on track
  9. Go the extra mile to make special occasions memorable, be it a birthday, a surprise trip, an anniversary or your honeymoon

Still want to plan yourself or hire a luxury bespoke travel agent to customize an itinerary that suits your need, time and budget? A bespoke tour will more efficiently deliver that unique experience which will create travel memories like never before.

Adventure Travel

Exciting Things to Discover In and Around Inle Lake Day Tour

When traveling to Myanmar, one can not miss exploring the heavenly beauty of Inle lake- an iconic Myanmar destination and one among the most-visited lake in Myanmar. Tranquil water, huge mountains, and an endless sky: all these natural things, blessed the beauty of Inle Lake and draw the attention of many tourists around the world. Slowly reaping the popularity and hype, the Inle lake day tour is sure to entertain the visitors with its plenty of adventurous things to do that one should definitely need to experience.

From the stupas to the magnificent sunset moment that grace the region, to meet the locals, the beauty of the lake will leave one breathless. For your convenience, we have compiled the list of adventurous things to do in the Inle lake, then just appreciate the boat riding experience.

To help you with planning an adventurous Myanmar tour, here is a list of 4 must-to-see attraction at Inle Lake:

  • Visit the most unique Garden- Floating Gardens

Yes, you heard the right! Around 28% of the lake is covered in floating gardens, where locals of Myanmar used to grow tomatoes, cucumbers and few other demanded crops. This is the unique garden you ever get to see but only in Myanmar tour, which you always remember in the good memories of your trip.

  • Ride a hot air balloon over the lake

Flying on the top of the beautiful and serene lake is the most adventurous things you can do ever in your life. Gliding up in the air is a fun experience and over this, seeing the roof of the stilt houses, tranquil water, and the lush greenery is beyond any iconic moment.

  • Shop at Lake’s “five-day” market

The market is known as “five-day” simply because the locals of the area rotate the market around different lakeside villages, over a five-day period. People explore every nook of the market from all over the world and find it very colorful, filled with variety and always super busy.

  • Take a boat ride

Finally, a boat ride which is the best way to experience the surrounding of the Inle lake and get a glimpse of the local life. The Inle Lake boat tour mainly takes you around local handicraft shops and through tourist attractions like the Phaungdawoo Pagoda and the Jumping Cat Monastery. Enjoy the boat ride!

These attractions of the Inle Lake will most certainly be one of your well-remembered trips from your time in Myanmar. The scenery is simply stunning and the atmosphere so relaxed that will be etched in your memory for years to come. This is the adventure you have dreamed about and a trip around Inle Lake will not disappoint!