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Nightlife experience in Paris

You can have fun during the day, but nightlife gives you the best opportunity to explore your wild side. Well, if you love clubbing and nightlife, then Paris is the place to be. It is not very different from what you would experience in New York or Berlin, but doing it as a private tourist changes the whole experience.

Moreover, the nightlife can accommodate any kind of lifestyle regardless of budget. For instance, it doesn’t matter whether you want to sip some cheap pints or expensive Margarita cocktail; you will still have fun!

We are going to show you the top cabarets and night clubs that you shouldn’t miss, which include the following:

  • The Moulin Rouge

If you want to eat, drink, and dance your soul out, then you need to visit The Moulin Rouge. The Moulin Rouge has not only appeared in famous Hollywood movies but is also an international spot that everyone wishes they could visit. It is the only place where you can experience the best cabaret performance in Paris. The famous Can-Can dance was also invented here. In other words, all you need is make early reservations and choose a dining package that is good for you. The Moulin Rouge is a fantastic place to spend your first night in Paris.

  • Jazz Club Etoile – Hôtel Le Méridien Etoile

There is a reason why Jazz is famous around the world, and Jazz Club Etoile – Hôtel Le Méridien Etoile just redefines that. The best thing about it is that live music is featured four days a week, beginning from Tuesday to Saturday nights. There is also plenty of food and drinks to enjoy; all that you need is a budget. If you want to experience the best Paris bar crawl, you should reserve a space early because Jazz Club Etoile – Hôtel Le Méridien Etoile is a busy place that often fills even before midnight. So, please don’t run the risk of getting turned away on the door, especially if you had all your emotions invested!

  • Le Duc des Lombards

Le Duc des Lombards is another jazz club that jazz fans shouldn’t miss, especially if they want to have a wonderful Nightlife experience in Paris. The club also hosts free jam sessions on Fridays, meaning that you’ll only need to budget for food and drinks. There are also live concerts between 8 pm and 10 pm, which are of course free if you are consuming foods or drinks. Well, this is a budget-friendly place that you shouldn’t miss when in Paris.

  • Harry’s New York Bar

Its name can just tell you that Harry’s New York Bar is not an average place, especially if you want to have a thrilling bar experience. The bar is famous worldwide, and legendary celebrities will often check-in when in Paris. The bar was founded in 1911 but became famous when Harry MacElhone later acquired it. The bar still maintains that old school vintage vibe, and it is the best place to be if you want to experience how France was in the 1920s and 1930s. They serve all sorts of alcoholic drinks from cocktails to beer.

Adventure Travel

Top destinations for adventure trips

Adventure traveling is an exciting thing that helps to explore and see things in quite a different manner. Whether you are planning to go on an adventure trip alone or with your mates, it is preferring to have the tracking app in your device. You can learn about it through

Whenever you are planning to go on an adventure trip, here are top places you should consider:

  • Australia

In Australia, you can find multiple opportunities to explore and enjoy the true meaning of adventure. You can go to waterfalls, hiking and mountain climbing and much more.

  • Canada

Canada is one of the popular places for visitors, people around the world love to plan holidays there. You can do multiple adventures during your stay in Canada. It includes national park mountains, boating and exploring glaciers, and much more.

  • Brazil

Brazil is the largest region of South America that offers multiple opportunities for the explorer. If you are interested in adventure and exploring, then snorkeling on the island and visiting waterfalls is a good idea.

  • Spain

Spain is attractive and worth seeing the place. Here you can explore and visit numerous national parks and islands. Moreover, visiting the mountains here can make your trip more adventurous.